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          Haoyue group, together with CCTV 2 sets of "home to eat" columns, will feel the taste of home toge

          Time:2020-03-24 09:38:30



                 With the accelerated pace of life, people are busy running every day, fast food and takeout become the norm, but it is hard to go home to accompany the children, sit at the table and eat a meal cooked by the lover himself. No matter how good you eat out every day, it's not as good as the warm tea and hot rice at home. The taste of home is irreplaceable from childhood to now.

                 At the end of 2019, Haoyue beef was recorded on CCTV channel, especially supporting the prime time "home to eat" column, to feel the taste of the long lost home with you.

                 As a food program, the column "eat home" has always been loved and concerned by people. Food experts and super chefs from all walks of life from all over the country are cooking and chatting in a family kitchen. They can use food to reflect the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's life, so as to make the audience feel the country most directly in a way of seeing, touching and having temperature And the beauty of life. Inheriting Chinese cuisine culture and family style. Deliver a positive, optimistic, healthy and warm life attitude and lifestyle.

                 This time, Haoyue beef and "go home to eat" show "strong alliance" are bound to arouse people's attachment to the taste of home again. In the program, Haoyue beef is used to cook all kinds of family banquets and home delicacies. People all over the country can feel the strong home flavor brought by Haoyue beef and witness the story of Haoyue beef and Chinese kitchen through eating at home.

                 Haoyue group is able to make friends with the popular "eat home" column of CCTV, which on the one hand shows the recognition of Haoyue beef by the whole nation, and on the other hand shows the strong brand awareness and reputation of      Haoyue.

                 Haoyue group, as the drafting unit of China Beef segmentation standard, the key leading enterprise of national agricultural industrialization, the member unit of the world meat organization, the top ten enterprises with comprehensive strength in      China's meat and food industry, has been in the forefront of beef industry since its establishment. In January 2008, the standards of "fresh and frozen beef" and "fresh and frozen quartered beef" with the version of Haoyue segmentation standard were raised to national standards, achieving the goal of "first-class enterprise out of the standard", and playing a positive role in promoting the segmentation Standard Specification and product quality assurance of domestic beef cattle.

                 Just as Haoyue has always adhered to the business philosophy of "product based, quality is life", Haoyue has deeply entered the hearts of consumers with its excellent product quality.

                 Everyone needs three meals a day, but the busy pace of life makes us less and less chance to eat at home. Countless people feel that the taste of the food at home is becoming more and more fuzzy. Haoyue's cooperation with "home to eat" is not only to let you eat quality beef and rest assured beef, but also to convey the good vision of "more home to eat and more family to accompany" to you when the new year comes. Home to eat, family company, the happiest thing in the world.

                 No matter how busy we are, we can't forget our home. Haoyue beef is willing to go home with you for dinner and feel the taste of home together!