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          Forge ahead for twenty years, be content to write a new chapter! Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversa

          Time:2020-03-24 09:38:07

                 On January 10, 2020, Haoyue group held the 20th anniversary celebration activities to celebrate the production and operation. In the 1990s, Haoyue group was the first benchmarking industry established by the provincial and municipal governments to build a "ten dragon economy, build a food city" and realize the goal of "changing granary into meat storehouse, meat storehouse into food, increasing added value and taking the road of agricultural industrialization". It was the first batch of joint-stock companies operating in Jilin Province The first batch of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. Under the friendly care and care of the party committees and governments at all levels of the previous countries, provinces and cities, the large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises and the entity enterprises integrating primary, secondary and tertiary industries that have been vigorously cultivated and supported to serve the "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" have laid a solid foundation for building the "century bright moon".

                 Haoyue is in five prominent positions in the same industry in China: outstanding industrial scale, outstanding brand influence, outstanding export earnings, outstanding development potential and outstanding social credit benefits. Adhering to the principle of high starting point, high standard and internationalization, we have successively built the development mode of beef whole industry chain modernization with six major industries as the core, including animal husbandry, feed processing industry, food processing industry, big health industry, leather industry and organic fertilizer processing industry. Adhere to the brand positioning of "green ecology, recycling and regeneration", to be famous brand enterprises at home and abroad. One belt, one road, combines the international market positioning of Muslim beef and the strategy of differentiation. It has inherited and practiced the "one belt and one way" national strategy. The products have been exported to 21 countries and regions, and have made outstanding contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Jilin's old industrial bases.

                 In 2007, when visiting Haoyue group, the former state leaders gave full affirmation to Haoyue's leading role as a leading enterprise, and also placed great expectations on Haoyue: "we must make Haoyue a flag of our country's meat, cattle and sheep industry in the world". The self-improvement Haoyue people are striving for this great vision.

                 One belt, one road and the Rural Revitalization Strategy, should be grasped in 2020. We should seize the historical opportunity of the supply side reform and the Northeast Revitalization Strategy, and start the whole business in order to realize the two pioneering work of Haoyue people. With innovation as the guide, we should transform the development momentum and constantly break through ourselves; improve the five systems and four modernizations, strengthen the assessment management and complete the objective responsibility; give full play to the new wisdom, show new achievements and create new achievements, so that Haoyue will firmly occupy the leading position in China's beef industry.

                 Today's Haoyue has witnessed the hard work, wisdom, hardship and achievements of Haoyue people, as well as the years of passion for the growth of Haoyue people. It is believed that Haoyue people adhere to the core values of "building quality products with integrity, striving for the first with self-reliance and courage"; Bearing in mind the lofty mission of "industry serving the country and contributing to the society", we will build an industrial carrier with world-class influence and output value of 100 billion, and march forward bravely towards the goal of "a century of bright moon"!