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          Twenty years old, young and moving forward -- Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the establi

          Time:2020-03-24 09:13:16

          Twenty years old, young

          Like the new moon in the sky

          Accompanied by stars

          Crystal clear

          Twenty years old, young

          Like the rising sun


          Full of passion

          Twenty years old, just young, move on

          Return to the blue sky

          You are the eagle flying

          Into the sea

          You're a ship sailing through the wind and waves

          Time flies, 20 years

          The moon is round again

          Tidal fluctuation

          Smoke like smoke

          Twenty years

          Falling and blooming

          Several degrees of cold and heat


          Twenty years ago

          January 2000

          go into operation

          Development mode "six industries"

          Twenty years ago

          January 2000

          Advanced equipment

          "Five firsts" of domestic counterparts

          You are not afraid of difficulties

          Break open a way through bramble and Thistle

          Rapid upgrading

          Six industries

          You are not afraid of difficulties

          Push forward

          Accelerate development

          Five places in three provinces

          You believe

          Product based

          Quality is life

          Based on brand

          You believe

          Market oriented

          Customer first

          Service for the purpose

          You always insist



          Promote China's glorious cause

          You always insist

          Solidarity and cooperation

          Seeking truth and seeking truth

          Optimizing the dietary structure of Chinese people

          You judge the situation

          take opportunity by the forelock

          Seize domestic territory

          Sales network layout from northeast to South China

          You judge the situation

          Promoting business

          Occupy the international market

          Sales sector exports from the Middle East to Eastern Europe

          You actively explore

          Be brave in practice

          Keep up with the market

          Make your own day

          You actively explore

          Forge ahead

          Guide the development direction

          Planting a successful responsibility field

          Although you live in the northeast corner

          But the beef industry

          The first to pass the international food safety certification

          Haoyue segmentation standard

          Recognized as the national beef segmentation standard

          Although you live in the northeast corner

          But China's bright moon

          Brand influence has set sail in the world

          Bright moon in China

          China "baidel" has been famous all over the world

          Looking back 20 years

          How hard it has been

          Every step you take

          Light or heavy

          The tears and sweat of the bright moon people

          Looking back 20 years

          Brilliant and brilliant

          Every footprint you leave behind

          Deep or shallow

          All bear the joy and sweetness of the bright moon people

          Looking back 20 years

          You have been through trials and tribulations

          Finally ushered in the laughter and singing

          You fight against the wind and frost

          Finally ushered in a stronger and bigger product industry

          Goodbye, yesterday

          All tears and smiles

          Have become history

          To be a dusty file

          Look forward to tomorrow

          All prayers and wishes

          Will open a new chapter

          Open a new picture

          With a dream of development

          Carry out and create new achievements

          Draw a blueprint for vigorous development

          You're full of wings and you're on your way to a new starting point

          Occupy the land, benefit people and

          Gathering talents from all walks of life

          Become the leader of agricultural industry

          You're strong enough to continue on your new journey

          You play "advantage":

          National policy advantage, Jilin regional advantage and Halal characteristic advantage

          Standing at the forefront of the industry

          You promote "brand":

          Haoyue, China baidel

          To form an attack

          You practice management philosophy

          Objective management, detailed division of labor, clear responsibilities, performance appraisal and work efficiency

          Create more space

          You implement "five systems and four modernizations":

          File system, account system, image data system, internal training system, internal examination system, standardization, literalization, digitalization and tabulation

          Seeking unprecedented development

          You have a young team

          Diligent in thinking and learning, full of vitality and spirit

          Brave and resolute

          You have a professional team

          Solid foundation, keen mind and excellent business

          Professional and standard

          You have a mature team

          Loyal to duty, self-discipline and enterprising, long tested

          Cautious and decisive

          You have a fighting team

          Experienced and experienced

          Loyal and firm

          You serve with your heart

          Pay attention to "integrity"

          For customers, for maintenance

          Strive for maximum return

          You innovate

          Promote "development"

          For society, for employees

          Create more value

          You work hard

          Strive for "steadiness"

          Internal control management, compliance construction, risk control

          Focus on enterprise promotion

          You emancipate your mind

          Dare to "innovate"

          Meet the demand, actively sell and expand the market

          Leading the overall development

          Looking forward to tomorrow

          You stand on the present, look at the present and look at the future

          Keep pace with the times

          Looking forward to tomorrow

          Based on the present, facing the whole country and the world

          Forge ahead bravely, with boundless future

          Looking forward to tomorrow

          You gather wealth and elite

          People paddle and sail

          You should be honest and implement

          Describe a hundred years of bright moon, the first in China and the world's leading aircraft carrier of beef cattle industry

          Twenty, you're young. Move on

          We fight for you

          Adhere to the style of "meticulous, serious, diligent and loyal"

          Another success

          Twenty, you're young. Move on

          We work together for you

          Adhere to the enterprise spirit of "innovative management, always striving for the first"

          Evergreen Foundation

          Twenty, you're young. Move on

          Let's cheer for you

          Adhere to the marketing spirit of "four thousand" and "five hearts"

          Growing prosperity

          Twenty, you're young. Move on

          We work together for you

          Adhere to the business philosophy of "market is the leader of the enterprise, quality is the life of Haoyue, and precise management is the core of the enterprise"

          Be on the upgrade

          Twenty, you're young. Move on

          For your tomorrow

          We work together

          For your tomorrow

          We are united and United

          We must make Haoyue a banner of our country's meat, cattle and sheep industry in the world.