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          EN CN

          ABOUT US

          A banner of Chinese beef cattle industry in the world



          Core of Haoyue


          1.1、The mission of Haoyue Group

          Serving the Country through Industrial Development, dedication to society, Optimization of Chinese dietary structure, to improve the quality of human life

          2.2、The development vision of Haoyue Group

          Construction 100-years Haoyue, become the first in domestic, the world-class "aircraft carrier" in the cattle industry

          3.3、The core value of Haoyue Group

          Faith--quality, striving--first, responsibility--career, win-win—harmony

          4.4、The development strategy

          Haoyue Group has entered a stage of important opportunity and rapid growth; we shall stick to the concept of scientific development as the theme, to adhere to accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, to adhere to steady and rapid development of main business and rapidly promoted related industry as a main direction, to stick to take full advantage of stock assets and giving full play to the advantages of the existing basis, to  achieve leap-forward development.



          Concept of Haoyue


          1.Industry Concept

          Agriculture is one of the most potential and most worthy of dedication industry

          We firmly believe: China agriculture will towards to the intensive, large-scale, industrialization in the next 30 years. Agriculture and animal husbandry industry development such as sweep, a batch of enterprises will be eliminated by the torrent of ruthless industrial development. At the same time, There must be some outstanding enterprises can seize the opportunity to integrate resources, uniting the internal work, finally standing on the top of the animal husbandry industry of China, even the world.

          2.Operation Philosophy

          Market-guided, quality-life, management-core

          3.management philosophy

          Management by objectives, detailed division of labor, responsibilities clear, performance appraisal, work efficiency

          4.Concept of doing things

          Only to find a way for success, no excuses for failure

          We firmly believe: ten thousand excuses are not equal to any success. The strong to face the problem, to find ways to overcome the difficulties, the weak grumbled, risk aversion, cover mistakes.

          5.talent concept

          Choose the right person to do the right thing, everyone is a talent

          What is the first standard of the Haoyue candidate? Ability? Attitude? Experience? Qualifications? Haoyue thinks the first standard should be suitable. We usually can't find the best and the best is not necessary for us. So we should try to find the suitable. These people are often not our general sense of the best staff (the best education, experience, first-class performance, etc.), but are fit for our enterprise characteristics, agree with the Haoyue culture.

          6.Quality Concept

          The man who destroys the quality of Haoyue is the enemy of Haoyue. The quality formula of Haoyue is 99+1=0. 99 times success was destroyed by a failure. 

          In November 2001, a canteen of Changchun FAW back orders worth of 430000 Yuan. Problem is not beef quality, but a wire was found in the beef. It was caused by careless operation, and hasn’t used the metal detector. It’s fully exposed the lack of new staff quality consciousness, training and supervision. Mr. Cong Lianbiao who is the chairman of Haoyue promptly arranged resume production, timely delivery, burned the return beef in front of all staffs. Mr. Cong Lianbiao said:” The quality is the life of the enterprise. No matter for what reason, we should responsible to the back orders. This means that some employees haven't root the quality consciousness to the heart. There are 100 products, 99 of them are good, only 1 is defective, then all will become nothing. The quality formula of Haoyue is 99+1=0. Today I will show you the end of non-conforming product. Fire.”

          The quality formula of Haoyue (99+1=0) is similar to the quality concept of Haire Company (defective products is waste). Since then, “quality is life” was always kept in each Haoyue employee's heart.

          7.Marketing Philosophy

          “Four Qian Spirit”

          Efforts will be made to expand market, coordination communicating, customer service, solid Foundation.

          “Five Heart Spirit”

          Perseverance: Never give up, try one's best, persistent attitude, and stick it out.

          Love: should be full of love when you treat others. Love can help you make friends and to resolve contradictions. Love can get in return.

          Confidence: To have confidence in your ability and enterprise. Consider yourself is the best. Accept yourself, then to persuade others to accept.

          Peaceful: Peaceful to various problems and difficulties.

          Consideration for others: To put yourself in other’s shoes. To gain other’s identification. 

          8.Professional Concept

          Integrated into the enterprise and striving for excellence.

          Work is a kind of study, a kind of growth, a kind of practice. Integrated into the enterprise and cultural identity is the premise of work success. The pursuit of excellence is each employee's work concept.

          9.Innovative Concept

          Invention is not equal to innovation. The invention which is can meet the market demand is the innovation. 

          Research of new product was starting with the consumer needs.