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          ABOUT US

          A banner of Chinese beef cattle industry in the world



                 Jilin Province Changchun Haoyue Halal Meat Industry Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise with beef cattle slaughtering and deep processing as the leading industry. Located in the west of Changchun City, it is one of the first batch of state-level key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and a key pillar enterprise in agricultural product processing industry of Jilin Province.

                 Haoyue was founded in August 1998, and officially put into production in January 2000, with 5500 employees. Over the years, the company has closely focused on the main business, fully played the advantages of national policies, Jilin regional advantages and national characteristics, deepened the concept of circular economy, implemented the strategy of industrial integration, and carried out related diversified development. With the headquarters as the core, focusing on China's main beef cattle belt, the company has set up beef cattle production bases in Mudanjiang, Daqing, Dehui, Kaifeng and Baoshan, Yunnan The six production bases based on the principle of "high starting point, high standard and internationalization" span the development mode of beef cattle whole industry chain modernization with six industries as the core, including animal husbandry, feed processing industry, food processing industry, big health industry, tanning industry and organic fertilizer industry, and drive the upstream and downstream raw materials, packaging industry, testing industry, warehousing industry, transportation industry, vocational education and tourism concept Hundreds of related industries, such as optical and supporting industries, have gathered and developed. The current production capacity is: 1 million beef cattle and 2 million sheep are slaughtered annually.

                 Haoyue regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, adheres to the quality concept of "99 + 1 = 0", and strictly implements the whole process quality control of "from farm to dining table" from the aspects of "cattle source variety, breeding feed, beef quarantine, production and processing, and the whole cold chain". In July 2003, it was the first domestic beef cattle industry to pass the HACCP international food safety system certification, and successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system certification, and the certification and registration of imported food from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Russia, and took the lead in adopting the trial in the same industry nationwide Drug box, 100% detection of illegal drugs for cattle, to ensure food safety. In January 2008, the standards of "fresh and frozen beef" and "fresh and frozen quartered beef" with the version of Haoyue segmentation standard were raised to national standards, achieving the goal of "first-class enterprise out of the standard", and playing a positive role in promoting the segmentation Standard Specification and product quality assurance of domestic beef cattle.

                 Haoyue actively expands its marketing network by virtue of its product quality and brand advantages. In China, a marketing network focusing on Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta has been formed with three provinces in the East as the base; in the international market, three major patterns have been formed, namely, the Middle East market centered on the United Arab Emirates, the Southeast Asia market centered on Malaysia and the Eastern Europe market centered on Russia, with a total of 23 countries and regions exporting products. It is a famous beef cattle processing enterprise in China and even in Asia, and also an important high-quality beef export base in China.

                 With a good foundation, Haoyue plans the great development of modern agriculture with the thought of industrialization. At the same time of ensuring the sustainable development of the enterprise itself, it has driven millions of agricultural forces to make great progress on the road of industrialization. It has made great contributions to promoting the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, promoting the development of agricultural economy, increasing the income of farmers, solving the "three rural" problem, building a new socialist countryside and realizing the "Rural Revitalization".

                 At present, Haoyue has outstanding industrial scale, brand influence, import and export trade, development potential and social benefits in the same industry nationwide.

                 Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of "innovation and operation, striving for the first forever", Haoyue adheres to the brand positioning of "green ecology, recycling and regeneration", takes "industry serving the country, contributing to the society, improving the quality of human life" as its mission, pursues the values of "integrity, self-improvement, responsibility and win-win", and realizes the goal of "making Haoyue a banner of our country's meat, cattle and sheep industry in the world" Strive for a great vision.