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          ABOUT US

          A banner of Chinese beef cattle industry in the world

          It is a famous beef cattle processing enterprise in China and even in Asia, and also an important high-quality beef export base in China.

                  Haoyue was founded in August 1998, and officially put into production in January 2000, with 5500 employees. Over the years, the company has closely focused on the main business, fully played the advantages of national policies, Jilin regional advantages and national characteristics, deepened the concept of circular economy, implemented the strategy of industrial integration, and carried out related diversified development. With the headquarters as the core, centering on China's main beef cattle belt, the company has set up beef cattle production bases in Mudanjiang, Daqing, Dehui, Kaifeng and Baoshan, Yunnan The six production bases based on the principle of "high starting point, high standard and internationalization" span the six industries of animal husbandry, food processing industry, feed processing industry, leather industry, biochemical products industry and organic fertilizer processing industry, forming improved breed breeding, embryo transfer, beef cattle breeding, feed processing, slaughter processing, cooked food processing, leather processing, biological products processing and organic fertilizer production 12 related eco agriculture and animal husbandry industry clusters, including processing, market circulation, vocational education and tourism. The current production capacity is: 1 million beef cattle and 2 million sheep are slaughtered annually.



          With a good foundation, Haoyue plans the great development of modern agriculture with the thought of industrialization. At the same time of ensuring the sustainable development of the enterprise itself, it has driven millions of agricultural forces to make great progress on the road of industrialization.

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